Face Products For Men Versus a Lump of Dead Animal Flesh – The Age-Old Dilemma

As the founder of one of the first day spas in the world for men, my mission was to provide head-to-toe personal care services designed specifically for men, in a men-only environment in which men could feel that they belonged, rather than as a somewhat unwelcome intruder, as they sometimes can in a so-called unisex spa.

Head-to-toe services, yes, but the emphasis was on face care services, because I have always believed that healthy-looking skin is the cornerstone of looking and feeling your best. Guys with great-looking skin like George Clooney, Tom Brady or David Beckham can wear a T-shirt, jeans and a sports jacket and look fantastic. A few days’ of stubble doesn’t look unclean or unkempt. Instead, it looks rugged, as long as the skin underneath is clear. Add in some blemishes, however, and suddenly a man looks unhealthy.

Do clothes make the man? No. Great-looking skin makes a man look great.

The most rewarding challenge in creating a spa for men was getting guys to buy into our face care program, which included not only face care services designed specifically for their skin type, but also a regular home face care program, for which we would recommend the appropriate skincare products. A basic face care service would cost about a hundred dollars, and a couple of months of product could be purchased for another hundred, so for about two hundred dollars, a guy could have a face care service and walk out with enough high-quality face care products to keep his skin looking healthy for a couple of months.

A couple of hundred dollars – not chump change, but we’re talking about a guy’s face here. Name one place where a guy goes that his face doesn’t come along, and make the first impression. Yet, it took a lot of very patient and persistent education to convert guys from massage-clients-only to face-care clients. But, gradually we did it. It’s not that they didn’t enjoy the services or the products. It’s just that they weren’t used to spending a couple of hundred dollars to take care of their face.

Shortly after the spa opened, I was getting my hair cut (the spa didn’t offer hair services) and it just so happened that my haircutter – a very nice gent, and a good friend – had a son who was part of a consortium that created nightclubs and restaurants in Toronto, and they had just launched their latest venture, a steak house in the downtown core. I asked him how the business was doing, and he said that there were lineups almost every night of the week. (They were open Tuesday through Saturday.) One of the other clients in the salon overheard our conversation and asked the price of the most expensive steak on the menu. This quickly turned into a bit of a guessing game, with the clients and the hair stylists shouting out guesses like “forty-five dollars”, sixty-five dollars.” The highest guess was “seventy-five dollars”.

My friend continued to quietly cut my hair, suppressing a slight smirk. After a pause, he said, evenly: “One hundred and seventy-five dollars”.

“What?”, I exclaimed. “A hundred and seventy-five dollars for a piece of dead animal flesh? I hope it does more than just lie there on the plate.”

For this, guys were lining up around the block.

Now, not every patron of the restaurant was a male, and not every male ordered the special steak from Japan that cost $175.

But those that did seemed not to question or resent the expenditure.

Have I or would I ever spend $175 on a lump of dead animal flesh?

No. Not ever. No matter what.

Would I drop a few hundred dollars on quality face products.

Have done. Will do again.

It doesn’t have to be a choice, of course. You can have both.

But given the choice between products that will keep my face looking healthy for months and a lump of dead animal flesh – to me, the choice is very clear.

Hotels For Dogs & Doggy Daycare

In an innovative attempt to solve the problem of stray dogs plaguing the city, two Taipei businessmen have opened two luxury hotels for dogs. The hotels feature swimming pools, grooming salons, playrooms, classes and even VIP suites for dogs whose owners are simply too busy to provide care.

The hotel charges $14 per day to keep the dogs, not counting the cost of food. The owner of the hotel describes the hotels as daycare for dogs, and believes that it can provide a solution for busy, affluent people who either purchased dogs without fully understanding the care required or who have animals and need someone to care for them while they travel on business. The founders believe it may help solve the problem of strays as many affluent people bought dogs during the economic boom in the 1980’s and didn’t realize the type of care that would be required.

While the cost may seem out-of-bounds to some, for others, it is a wonderful solution. Many pet owners throughout the world find themselves having a difficult time juggling responsibilities. Caring for an active dog can be a full-time job in and of itself. Dogs need to be walked, fed, played with and paid attention to. If a dog doesn’t get properly exercised, it can become destructive. Some dogs left home alone have even gotten into things that lead to their untimely death, swallowing things and choking or eating household chemicals that poison them. Owners who want to ensure their dog is safe and avoid purchasing a dog urn or a pet headstone before their dog’s time, may find this doggy daycare option to be a delightful idea.

Within the U.S., there are numerous doggy daycare options available, although most are not in the form of a luxury hotel like these new options in Taiwan. Doggy day cares take the form of boarding kennels or daytime retreats for dogs whose owners are simply too busy. Coming home after a long day of work and walking your dog can be stressful, and it is much nicer to be able to come home to a dog that has played all day and is calm and ready to simply lie by your feet and be a delightful companion.

For some owners, doggy daycare can make the difference between being able to keep a dog and being unable to. If you have to travel on business and cannot take your dog with you, you are left with few options. Family or friends may be pressed into service to care for a dog but this isn’t always a reliable option. Most owners don’t want to turn their dog over to a shelter where dogs may be put down if not adopted, alone without even so much as a pet memorial stone to honor their memory. Knowing your dog is safe in a facility designed for its care can put their minds at ease and allow them to travel or take business trips without the stress of worrying about what will happen to their canine friend. These exciting new doggy hotels now offer this same choice to those in Taipei.

Designing Pet Grooming Salons – 5 Tips on How to Use Custom Wall Graphics

Using wall graphics is a good way of designing your salon. Designing your pet grooming salon can sometimes be challenging. Hiring a professional interior designer, on the other hand, is expensive. Below are some tips on how to use them in enhancing your salon’s visual perspective.

1. Storefront sign. Wall graphics can be a very flexible storefront sign with your store name or picture of pets.

2. Wall papers. Use it as wallpapers instead of paints. You can use pictures of different pet animals or pictures of people with pets.

3. Collage design. A combination of you or your family’s pictures with your pets is a good design for a collage. You can also come up with pictures of your clients with their pets and is displayed in the posts of your salon.

4. Sidewalk sign. Used as sidewalk signs on aluminum boards either hanging or with a stand is another way of using this print material. Prospective clients from either side of your store can already see it from afar. This is different from a storefront sign where your audience is mostly coming towards your store.

5. Window display. Your pet grooming salon services captured in print is a good design for your window display. You can even share the cost of printing with your suppliers if you choose to display the brands of pet food or pet accessories they carry and you offer.

Using a custom wall graphic versus wall decors can save you money. It is just a fraction of the cost you will spend when you choose to design your pet grooming salon with actual wall papers or other wall decors.

Animal Care Specialist Degrees and Careers

Turning the love of animals into a career is possible by completing specialized training. Inside animal care degree programs students can learn to work with animals in a variety of ways. Schools and colleges offer many options for students that want to earn an education in animal care.

Animal care specialist is a broad term that represents different career areas that can be entered. Education prepares students to train, groom, provide companionship, and exercise animals. These primary duties are integrated into different careers where students will employ learned skills to work with animals on their needed care. Other job duties may include cleaning and repairing animal cages. Educational level will change depending on what animal’s students want to work with. Programs that students can enter are typically based on career requirement. Educational options include:

  • On-the-Job Training
  • Certificate Programs
  • Associate’s Degree Programs
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs

These options coincide with the different career opportunities available to students. On-the-job training and certificate programs prepare students to tackle animal care areas. Education focuses on training students to work in kennels, shelters, pet stores, and grooming salons. A groomer typically completes an informal internship where they work alongside a professional for six to ten weeks. Student’s start by focusing on one area like bathing and gradually learn all grooming procedures from start to finish. Some colleges offer certificate programs in this area as well. Students that want to become caretakers work with animals inside established kennels to learn job responsibilities. Students are trained to bathe, exercise, groom, and feed animals when their owners are out of town. Training programs and certificate programs can have students working in kennels, pet stores, and shelters.

Associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs are typically reserved for students that are learning a more specialized skill. Careers that typically require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree include:

  • Marine Mammal Trainers
  • Zoo Caretakers
  • Technicians

These careers require an undergraduate degree because the type of work conducted requires specialized knowledge. A bachelor’s degree prepares students to work with marine mammals and zoo animals. A marine mammal trainer needs a degree in marine biology, psychology, or a similar field. A zoo caretaker works with the animals on their diets, behavior patterns, and raising procedures. These skills are best learned in a biology or animal science bachelor’s degree program. Technicians usually work with veterinary assistants or veterinarians. Students learn in an associate’s degree to correctly administer examinations and clinical procedures.

Students will find that most career paths do not require formal training unless it’s a specialized area. Many students work through certificate programs to gain the correct knowledge to enter a job. Through the completion of an educational program or job training students are able to work with animals and care for them in numerous ways.

Students should consider their career goals, which will help determine if an accredited training program is right for them. Accreditation is provided by agencies such as the American Veterinary Medical Association ( http://www.avma.org/ ) to schools and colleges that offer the best quality education. Begin this process by exploring the knowledge requirements for different careers.

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Dog Grooming Products – Which One to Start For Your Dog!

Dogs are most kept pets in the world. People look after them like their own family because dogs are famous friendly animal to man and so for that people try to keep their dogs clean and well groomed because dogs tend to play in mud and get dirty roaming around.

If you are a new dog owner and are not familiar with the basic hygiene requirements of a dog, there are a variety of products available in market which includes shampoos, dog collars, anti ticks powders and sprays, clothes, shoes and basically anything you can think of to groom your dog.

To start from basic grooming to keep your dog healthy he needs to be cleaned and brushed regularly so that his loose and dead hair which collects underneath his coat brushes away easily and most importantly fleas and ticks do not get easy hiding place, but still if the dog has fleas and ticks problems you need to buy anti ticks spray which is easily available in the market, once a week is more than enough to keep insects away, this usage depends on which breed you have, if a dog is hairy then he needs to be regularly brushed, but if he has short hair then there is not much problem, but still he needs to be brushed once a week.

You should give your dog a bath every six to eight weeks or take him to grooming salon. Bath is very important as it cleans and freshen him up and secondly the dog will smell better too, depending whether grooming spray is applied or not. Ask for the best grooming spray in the market as it makes the dog smell nice and plus keep his coat shiny and protects from extra hair falling.

One aspect of grooming that is often neglected when it should be attended is your dog’s teeth, give its teeth a good brushing with a toothbrush of suitable bristles and toothpaste. If you can’t persuade your dog to have his teeth cleaned now and then, give him plenty of bones and occasionally a dental stick to help reduce the tartar levels and keep his gums stronger for longer.

Apart from keeping your dog healthy, if you want him to stand out from other dogs and make him look attractive you should buy clothes, shoes, bands, different dog collars which some in variety such as in chains which are for big heavy dogs to control and small leather collars for small dogs.

If you cannot give much time to your dog’s care, then you should regularly take him to grooming salon, remember to take your dog to a reputable salon because the staff there will be well trained and very well experienced, there you can get complete services for dogs, starting from bathing, nail cutting, hair cutting and hair coloring. All dog groomers should have cotton balls, dog shampoos, Q-tips and ear cleaner on hand.