How Dog Grooming Courses Will Help You Work With Animals

If you have a passion or just a simple interest in working with dogs then you can consider taking dog grooming courses. It would probably help to learn specific techniques to get the job done with greater speed and better results.

Maybe you already have an informal operation where you offer pet grooming in your neighbourhood. Attending training will not only serve to improve your performance, but will also add credibility to your business.

How you can become a professional dog groomer

There are three main routes to take in becoming a recognised dog groomer:

  1. Through a privately operated accredited grooming training centre
  2. At a college of continuing education
  3. Get some hands-on experience on at a grooming centre

What are the dog grooming courses available?

If you are considering taking dog grooming courses from a reputable and accredited training centre then there are several available options for full time or part time study. Courses are available for the short term or go on for extended periods.

Shorter term courses such as those that last for a day or few are geared towards dog owners or people who want a sneak peak into dog grooming. These will teach you how to groom an animal from start to finish. All the necessary equipment and dog grooming supplies will be provided.

Then there are longer courses which run for a week or two – they’ll teach you all the basics of grooming. Areas covered include:

  • how to identify health issues
  • how to correctly handle a dog
  • efficient cleaning of the ears and teeth
  • nail clipping
  • coat brushing

Getting extra with your training

Some of these courses can be connected with a City and Guilds Certification Course which would give you accreditation to practice pet grooming on a professional level.

Longer courses also afford you the opportunity to get hands on experience in an affiliated salon. Therefore, as you learn basic techniques, you get the chance to try them out on real live clients who come in to be groomed.

This experience can solidify whether or not you are cut off for this field. You can also hone and improve your skills, watching yourself get better and better as you work with each pet.

Every participant in these courses receives a personal set of equipment along with all necessary supplies. The contents of your equipment pack include a manual of notes and instructions, overalls, as well as various types of clippers, scissors, blades, combs and brushes. These are yours to keep and will come in very handy when you officially begin your career.

Setting up on your own

Being a professional dog groomer has certain perks and advantages. Once you have successfully completed your training you can set up your own facilities out of your own home or in a rented space.

There is also the option getting employed by a salon or other such grooming service. You may get to travel in the case of house calls. Taking dog grooming courses as a career option will allow you to freely express your creativity while working with “man’s best friend.”