Hotels For Dogs & Doggy Daycare

In an innovative attempt to solve the problem of stray dogs plaguing the city, two Taipei businessmen have opened two luxury hotels for dogs. The hotels feature swimming pools, grooming salons, playrooms, classes and even VIP suites for dogs whose owners are simply too busy to provide care.

The hotel charges $14 per day to keep the dogs, not counting the cost of food. The owner of the hotel describes the hotels as daycare for dogs, and believes that it can provide a solution for busy, affluent people who either purchased dogs without fully understanding the care required or who have animals and need someone to care for them while they travel on business. The founders believe it may help solve the problem of strays as many affluent people bought dogs during the economic boom in the 1980’s and didn’t realize the type of care that would be required.

While the cost may seem out-of-bounds to some, for others, it is a wonderful solution. Many pet owners throughout the world find themselves having a difficult time juggling responsibilities. Caring for an active dog can be a full-time job in and of itself. Dogs need to be walked, fed, played with and paid attention to. If a dog doesn’t get properly exercised, it can become destructive. Some dogs left home alone have even gotten into things that lead to their untimely death, swallowing things and choking or eating household chemicals that poison them. Owners who want to ensure their dog is safe and avoid purchasing a dog urn or a pet headstone before their dog’s time, may find this doggy daycare option to be a delightful idea.

Within the U.S., there are numerous doggy daycare options available, although most are not in the form of a luxury hotel like these new options in Taiwan. Doggy day cares take the form of boarding kennels or daytime retreats for dogs whose owners are simply too busy. Coming home after a long day of work and walking your dog can be stressful, and it is much nicer to be able to come home to a dog that has played all day and is calm and ready to simply lie by your feet and be a delightful companion.

For some owners, doggy daycare can make the difference between being able to keep a dog and being unable to. If you have to travel on business and cannot take your dog with you, you are left with few options. Family or friends may be pressed into service to care for a dog but this isn’t always a reliable option. Most owners don’t want to turn their dog over to a shelter where dogs may be put down if not adopted, alone without even so much as a pet memorial stone to honor their memory. Knowing your dog is safe in a facility designed for its care can put their minds at ease and allow them to travel or take business trips without the stress of worrying about what will happen to their canine friend. These exciting new doggy hotels now offer this same choice to those in Taipei.