Dog Grooming Products – Which One to Start For Your Dog!

Dogs are most kept pets in the world. People look after them like their own family because dogs are famous friendly animal to man and so for that people try to keep their dogs clean and well groomed because dogs tend to play in mud and get dirty roaming around.

If you are a new dog owner and are not familiar with the basic hygiene requirements of a dog, there are a variety of products available in market which includes shampoos, dog collars, anti ticks powders and sprays, clothes, shoes and basically anything you can think of to groom your dog.

To start from basic grooming to keep your dog healthy he needs to be cleaned and brushed regularly so that his loose and dead hair which collects underneath his coat brushes away easily and most importantly fleas and ticks do not get easy hiding place, but still if the dog has fleas and ticks problems you need to buy anti ticks spray which is easily available in the market, once a week is more than enough to keep insects away, this usage depends on which breed you have, if a dog is hairy then he needs to be regularly brushed, but if he has short hair then there is not much problem, but still he needs to be brushed once a week.

You should give your dog a bath every six to eight weeks or take him to grooming salon. Bath is very important as it cleans and freshen him up and secondly the dog will smell better too, depending whether grooming spray is applied or not. Ask for the best grooming spray in the market as it makes the dog smell nice and plus keep his coat shiny and protects from extra hair falling.

One aspect of grooming that is often neglected when it should be attended is your dog’s teeth, give its teeth a good brushing with a toothbrush of suitable bristles and toothpaste. If you can’t persuade your dog to have his teeth cleaned now and then, give him plenty of bones and occasionally a dental stick to help reduce the tartar levels and keep his gums stronger for longer.

Apart from keeping your dog healthy, if you want him to stand out from other dogs and make him look attractive you should buy clothes, shoes, bands, different dog collars which some in variety such as in chains which are for big heavy dogs to control and small leather collars for small dogs.

If you cannot give much time to your dog’s care, then you should regularly take him to grooming salon, remember to take your dog to a reputable salon because the staff there will be well trained and very well experienced, there you can get complete services for dogs, starting from bathing, nail cutting, hair cutting and hair coloring. All dog groomers should have cotton balls, dog shampoos, Q-tips and ear cleaner on hand.