Designing Pet Grooming Salons – 5 Tips on How to Use Custom Wall Graphics

Using wall graphics is a good way of designing your salon. Designing your pet grooming salon can sometimes be challenging. Hiring a professional interior designer, on the other hand, is expensive. Below are some tips on how to use them in enhancing your salon’s visual perspective.

1. Storefront sign. Wall graphics can be a very flexible storefront sign with your store name or picture of pets.

2. Wall papers. Use it as wallpapers instead of paints. You can use pictures of different pet animals or pictures of people with pets.

3. Collage design. A combination of you or your family’s pictures with your pets is a good design for a collage. You can also come up with pictures of your clients with their pets and is displayed in the posts of your salon.

4. Sidewalk sign. Used as sidewalk signs on aluminum boards either hanging or with a stand is another way of using this print material. Prospective clients from either side of your store can already see it from afar. This is different from a storefront sign where your audience is mostly coming towards your store.

5. Window display. Your pet grooming salon services captured in print is a good design for your window display. You can even share the cost of printing with your suppliers if you choose to display the brands of pet food or pet accessories they carry and you offer.

Using a custom wall graphic versus wall decors can save you money. It is just a fraction of the cost you will spend when you choose to design your pet grooming salon with actual wall papers or other wall decors.